If you are a first time user or unsure of how to use our site, this page will familiarize you with some of the basic formats and answer some of the frequently asked questions about this site. In any event, you can always call the CTSLink/SecuritiesLink Customer Service at Toll Free at 866-846-4526 during normal business hours (8:00AM to 5:30PM Eastern Time) and one of our representatives will be glad to answer any of your questions.

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  • How to change your email address  
    1. When logged in, go to My Account at the top.
    2. Click on Email Information
    3. In the To change your email address (which will then need to be verified) section: enter in your updated email address and hit Update.
    4. Email address changes require additional authentication and you will be prompted to log off. Select Proceed. Click Ok to be logged off.
    5. Log back on and Click Accept to the Pending Changes to your Email Information.
    6. Click ok on the dialogue box. You will then be told to verify your email. Click ok.
    7. An Email verification code has been sent to your email. Copy that token code being sure not to get any spaces at the beginning or the end. Paste the token into the Email Verification code.
    8. Select the radio button next to your notification preference.
    9. Click the Complete Verification button.
    10. Click the ok button on the dialogue box thanking you for updating your email.
    11. Your email is now changed and verified.
  • I canít download from a library and am being prompted for a certificate  

    A digital certificate is a security feature that is used to authenticate users, applications, and website servers. It encrypts a unique key onto an individual userís computer preventing unauthorized access from computers without the certificate. Digital certificates are used within Computershare, and with some external business partners, to exchange restricted information or to provide proof of identity and credibility.

    Once you have access to a Restricted library, you will need to request a certificate. Attempt to download a document from a Restricted library (designated by a blue ribbon next to the library name on the List Libraries page). You will be taken to the Certificate Required page. Complete the requested information and submit. A CTSLink Customer Service representative will be in touch with you to provide the certificate via email.

  • Managing Files and Email Options in CTSLink Direct  Please see detailed instructions here for how to upload documents and how to adjust your email notification preferences.

    Managing Files and Email Options in CTSLink Direct in PDF FormatManaging Files and Email Options in CTSLink Direct

  • I have a digital certificate but Iím not able to download  

    CTSLink Direct requires you to select the certificate that you will use. Prior to signing into CTSLink Direct, you should have been prompted to select a certificate.

    In Internet Explorer and Edge, you will need to select the Signing certificate. You may need to choose More Choices. Then select OK, and proceed to log in.

    In Google Chrome, ensure that the Wells Fargo Enterprise Certificate is selected and select OK and proceed to log in.

    If you selected the incorrect certificate, please close your browser completely and try again.

    If you continue to experience issues, please reach out to CTSLink Customer Service.

  • I need access to a library. Who do I contact?  Each CTSLink Direct Library is managed by a primary and secondary manager who assign access to the library. If you know the manager of the library that you need, please reach out to them or to your Computershare contact. If you do not know the manager or your Computershare Contact, please send an email to Please include your user ID and the library that you need access to. We will reach out to the library manager on your behalf.